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If you want to participate in a Vote-For-Peace, there are the following options:

Collect votes

With your smartphone you can collect easily cast and selfies. Ask your friends and acquaintances and ask them to make their click for peace. Of course you can also ask other people. Thinking but please always follow the rules of the project.

Translations and corrections

Since Vote-For-Peace is directed to all the worlds people, the side in all languages should be available. For this we need your help. When a language is missing, please help us on in the translation, and of course when searching for errors.


Tell other people about this project and share it on the social networks.
Today, almost all people worldwide are linked by phone or Internet and the majority of people probably want to live in peace. Vote-For-Peace has therefore set itself the goal every year to interview everyone on this and represent this anticipated desire as possible alive and present, thereby creating a new, powerful peace consciousness and to the peace an unmistakable voice and to give many, many faces.