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For the project Vote-For-Peace the following rules apply:

  1. The desire for peace is the only embassy and demand of Vote-For-Peace. No more and no less.
  2. Vote-For-Peace is neutral in every respect. Vote-For-Peace relates in any way comment on individuals, organizations, countries, cultures, religions, politics, ideologies or other topics. Should a representative of the project manifest itself in this direction, so this represents the private opinion.
  3. The census is held every year.
  4. At the end of the calendar year of the counter is set to zero.
  5. The calendar year begins on 1 January.
  6. Everyone must vote per year click once.
  7. Every person must each year upload a photo (selfie). Group photos are permitted if all individuals that are visible on the screen, have the consent.
  8. Everyone should ask other people to participate in the vote.
  9. Nobody should be forced to participate in the vote. Participation is completely voluntary.
  10. Does anybody wish to not participate in the vote, so this person may incur no disadvantages. The decision is to be accepted in any case.
Today, almost all people worldwide are linked by phone or Internet and the majority of people probably want to live in peace. Vote-For-Peace has therefore set itself the goal every year to interview everyone on this and represent this anticipated desire as possible alive and present, thereby creating a new, powerful peace consciousness and to the peace an unmistakable voice and to give many, many faces.