A global peace voting!


Gedanken, die zur Entstehung von Vote For Peace beigetragen haben.

  1. We can only do it together. But how do we find together? What is the first step?
  2. Today, we are confronted with global horror scenarios on a daily basis. What global plan do we set against this?
  3. Words have weight. Voices have weight. Images have weight.
  4. Can we meet global challenges without peace?
  5. Your voice is like a raindrop on a dry ground. Together we can make it rain.
  6. Everyone knew that it couldn't be done. Then there were those who didn't know that it couldn't be done, and they just did it.
  7. We should actually act together, but conflicts and different interests prevent this.
  8. What will actually happen if one day all people speak with one voice?
  9. Peace promotes cooperation and thus solutions.
  10. Die meisten Menschen wollen Frieden. Eine unsichtbare Mehrheit hat aber wenig Kraft. Eine sichtbare Mehrheit kann dagegen vieles bewegen.
  11. In order to be able to solve the global challenges, very, very many people would have to join in. But how can we reach all these people? How can we create a connection between all the people? The connection would have to be something very simple - our lowest common denominator.
  12. When people argue, it rarely helps to keep talking about the subject of the argument. It's better to focus more attention on what they have in common.
  13. The division between people is one of the most serious problems.
  14. The media are full of negative images. Images of violence and crime that shake our trust in other people. Don't we therefore need more positive images that reinforce trust?
  15. No society can function without trust.
  16. Almost 8 billion people live on our planet. Is the desire for peace perhaps what unites us all? Let's find out!
  17. Peace is life.
  18. All values are interconnected. When we strengthen one value, we automatically strengthen all other values.
  19. More than 50% of humanity can already be reached directly via the Internet.
  20. Of course, people need to discuss and look for concrete solutions together. But we also need a place where we do not argue. Where we come together in peace, unite to find strength for our common tasks.
  21. They say, "Out of sight - out of mind." Let us therefore make the desire for peace and solutions permanently visible.
  22. If trust can be destroyed by negative experiences and images, can it not also be rebuilt by positive images and experiences?
  23. Today, everything is global. Travel, trade, communication. When do we globalize peace?
  24. NASA last landed on Mars on February 18, 2021. Their motto: "Dare to do great things!" If that can be done, why can't peace?
  25. A majority that remains silent cannot be heard.
  26. Your voice gives hope and strength to other people. In this way, your positive contribution comes back to you.
  27. Many people complain about a loss of values. Can we renew values through positive images?
  28. Conflicts arise or are exacerbated when we focus too much on our differences, e.g. religion, nationality, culture or skin color. Conflicts are reduced when we become more aware of what we have in common.
  29. Together we can do it. The question is, "How do we come together? What is the unifying element and how can we give it strength?"
  30. We are networked worldwide - let's use it!
  31. Climate change? Species extinction? We need to talk! But how can 7.8 billion people communicate? Could an election be a form of communication?
  32. In our commonalities lies the power of peace - in our differences the potential of conflict. Let us therefore look more at our commonalities.
  33. The more people vote, the more weight this vote has.
  34. Wie kann man der Mehrheit eine Stimme geben?
  35. Making commonalities visible means building bridges.
  36. Is it possible through networking today to create a global critical mass that demands peace and cooperation?