A global vote for peace

A global vote for peace

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Our idea

Most people want peace. But this majority is practically invisible and therefore has little influence. We want to change that, make the desire for peace visible and give the peaceful majority a strong voice. As conflict mounts, we think it's time we, as a global community, speak with one voice and call for peace. The internet gives us the opportunity to do this today.

The power of images

Images can have a powerful impact. Our thoughts, emotions and actions are greatly influenced by what we see and experience. We want to use this power and bring images of peace into the world. The images of war and violence are unfortunately real, but the desire for peace is also real and deserves to be shown. The more people show their readiness for peace, the more trust can develop and tensions and conflicts are reduced.


Vote For Peace is neutral. This is our most important rule. When you vote, you only say that you are for peace - nothing more and nothing less. Vote For Peace does not take a position for or against any person, organization, culture, nation, religion, politics or belief. In order to really get a big step closer to peace, a great many people around the world have to come together and vote for peace. With this project we want to create something connecting between all people. We can only achieve this as a neutral organization.

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