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Our idea

Most people want peace. This majority, however, is virtually invisible and therefore has little influence. We want to change that, make the desire for peace visible and give the peaceful majority a loud voice. Seeing the increasing amount of conflict in the world, we think it's time that we, as one world, speak with one voice and demand peace. The internet makes this possible today.

The power of images

Images can have a strong impact. Our thoughts, emotions and actions are greatly influenced by what we see and experience. We want to make use of this impact and spread images of peace across the world. The photos of war and violence are real, unfortunately. The wish for peace, however, is very real as well, and deserves to be shown. The more people show their want for peace, the more trust can grow, and tension and stress will be relieved.


Vote For Peace is neutral. That is our most important rule. When you vote, you are simply saying you are pro peace - not more and not less. Vote For Peace does not take a stand for or against any person, organization, culture, nation, religion, politics, or world view. To really take a big step towards peace, a lot of people need to come together and vote for peace. With this project, we want to create something unifying between all humans. This we can only do as a neutral organization.

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